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Astrology Art Inspiration

Chelsea Hart


It’s no secret I love everything woo-woo. Palm readers, reiki sessions, pulling my spirit animal card every morning and forcing my husband to pull his. The list goes on and on. But it really all started with astrology. I would check out books from the library in high school and learn everything I could. That mostly meant figuring out if my crushes and I were a compatible match, but hey, I did learn something. My interest in astrology was re-ignited a few months ago, and I stepped out of my typical selfish ways (I’m an Aries) to learn about the other signs. The more I learned, the more inspired I became. I wanted to combine my on-again, off-again love of astrology with my forever love of painting.

So after spending some time really studying each sign, and understanding their personalities I had in my mind a color palette that each one could be represented with. I went to work bringing each sign to life through my own interpretation of what an abstract work of art would like if it were to represent that individual sign. And hey, for all you astrologers out there, I didn’t go too deep. This is my representation of each Sun Sign. While painting I tried to embody that sign and really think as they would, each brushstroke being quick and lively, or slow and steady, depending on which sign I was painting. Below is what came out, I hope you enjoy!



As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are the trailblazers. Red represents their passion, leadership, and independence. They know how to make things happen and are individuals who go after what they want. Yellow represents their energetic nature and determination. Green represents their loyalty and positive attitude, they aren’t ones for self-pity, or dwelling on things that go wrong. The overall color palette is bright and exciting, like that of an Aries. Their mind is always going a million miles a minute, and they don’t want to slow down. Orange represents vibrancy and adventure, Aries has a thirst for life and are a courageous sign. Purple represents power, as Aries always wants to be number 1.


Taurus 3.jpg

Taurus is both a hardworking sign and at the same time, one that knows how to enjoy life and all of its luxuries. Purple represents the appreciation Taurus has for sensual pleasures, and everything luxurious. Taurus’s hard-working nature, like its symbol, the bull will charge steadily, headfirst into its goals - represented by gray, a stable and reliable color. Taurus’s element is earth, which is represented by earthy colors of tan, green, and burnt orange. They are also lovers of nature, as represented by green and other earthy colors.


Gemini 3.jpg

Known for having two personalities, and represented by the twins - Geminis are dynamic and can display two different sides of themselves to the world. This is represented by two opposite colors - black and white. It also represents their ability to see two different sides of a situation. They are energetic, quick-witted, and social butterflies, which is represented by bright orange. Bright pink represents their charm and love for love. Turquoise represents open communication which is fitting for this very talkative, conversationalist sign. Blue and white is a nod to their element, air.


cancer2 copy.jpg
cancer 2 .jpg

Cancer is inherently known as the sensitive, sometimes moody sign, represented by navy blue and gray. The overall color palette of this painting is one that’s meant to feel gentle and soft, warm and welcoming. Cancer signs are extremely dependable. They will always be a shoulder to cry on, are extremely empathetic and - represented by the grounding colors of tan and dark orange. They will always be there for their loved ones and care deeply about their home. Blush pink represents their sentimental side. They are a water sign, represented by light blue.


Leo 1.jpg

Leos are bold, energetic, passionate, kind, and natural-born leaders. Purple is the color of royalty, and that’s exactly how Leo wants to be treated. they love expensive things. Warm yellow is a nod to their ruler - the sun. Bright orange represents kindness, big-heartedness, and their generous nature. Soft pink - they are a hopeless romantic at heart. The overall color palette is not reserved in any way, it’s confident, energetic and creative.


Virgo 2.jpg

Virgos are loyal, practical, humble people. There is nothing about this color palette that screams for attention, or “look at me!” It’s modest and practical, like that of a Virgo. And while these colors do seem sensible on the surface, when you look closer, there are little pockets of unexpected colors, just like when you get to know a Virgo, there is much more beneath the surface. The dark blue represents their need for their depth and attention to detail. They are always picking up on the small things that others might not. Dark yellow represents their attentive listening skills, generous nature, and their love for learning. Virgo is an earth sign represented by tan and burnt orange. Gray represents how logical and organized they are. White represents their perfectionist tendencies.


Libra 2.jpg

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty - Libras love a soft, well-balanced environment. Their love of beauty and desire to be surrounded by art and culture is represented by the soft pinks, lavender, and blues. Together, all very calm, tranquil colors. Libra’s symbol is the scale, they seek balance and cannot stand anything that ’s unjust. Thus, the overall color palette is one of balance, nothing that is too bold, bright, or throws things into chaos. Libras are intelligent, kind, and always willing to put others before themselves. Soft yellow represents their love of social gatherings and being around friends.


scorpio 3.jpg

Scorpios are one of the most passionate and intense signs of the Zodiac. The color red represents their intensity, strength, and bravery. They are driven individuals. Scorpio is usually a very misunderstood sign. They can come off as cold and intimidating, hence the deep dark purples and black, but they are also very extremely in tune with their emotions, and are loving and loyal beyond the surface. Scorpios can be private about themselves but like to get to the truth about others, and their intuition about people is usually spot on. Gray represents their need for the truth.


Sagittarius 2.jpg

Sagittarius is optimistic, blunt, and adventurous, which is perfectly represented with a super bold and bright color palette. Their vibrant and confident personality is represented by lime green and hot pink. Orange represents their happy attitude and confidence. They are always looking for the “why” and love to seek spiritual experiences represented by purples. They are not ones for routine and can get bored when things remain the same. This color palette represents that desire for constant change, as it does not have one theme, one constant color, or anything really consistent about it.



Capricorn is ruled by Saturn - the planet of responsibility, discipline, and wisdom, which are strong characteristics of this sign. The overall color palette is inspired by its ruler - with many shades of oranges and yellows. Capricorns are hard workers, and will not take no for an answer. They are not afraid to put in the slow, steady work, even if that means an uphill battle, to achieve what they want. This patience and slow transition are represented by the gradual color transition of light yellow, to orange, to red. Capricorn’s element is Earth - represented by earthy tans and oranges. They can analyze and see things with a cool head, as seen in the dark navy blues. Deep, dark red represents their determination.


aquarius 3.jpg

Aquarians are big humanitarians, great listeners, and always want to help those in need, represented by dark green. Turquoise represents their ability to flow in and out of different social groups, and their ability to adapt to different situations very easily. Aquarius signs can be mysterious and intelligent - represented by navy blue. They are full of energy, eccentric - represented by red. Red also represents their independence and progressive nature.


Pisces 1.jpg

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac which means they encompass a lot of the characteristics of the 11 signs that come before it. Also being the last sign of the Zodiac means they need a lot of encouragement before getting things done, and they are not typically leaders - represented by quieter, less bold colors, brown and gray They may not be leaders, but they are very kind, empathetic people, represented by orange. And chartreuse represents their carefree, and acceptance of many different personalities. Pisces are very spiritual, fantasy-fueled, and intuitive, represented by purple. Pisces’ element is water - represented by dark blues and turquoise. Like water, they are adaptable, they understand how to let go, and flow with the current.