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Custom Bouquet Paintings


Give A Meaningful GIFT

My purpose as an artist has always been to brighten people's homes and lives, to create work that is sentimental and evokes happiness. A painting of your bridal bouquet does exactly that. It's a way to memorialize your wedding day in a more permanent fashion that you will see every day. It's a reminder of your vows, your love, and will add a liveliness to your home.

Bouquet paintings also make a great anniversary gift, or to celebrate a graduation, birthday, retirement, or any other special occasion.




Medium Acrylic paint on artist quality paper or gallery wrapped canvas.

Shipping: I can deliver personally if you are within 30 minutes of Denver, CO. Otherwise, your piece will ship with tracking via UPS. Shipping/delivery fees are included in the price. Special gift wrapping can be added for an additional fee. 

Style: Fun, loose, painterly brush strokes with bright, vibrant colors. 

Process: You send me pictures of the desired bouquet you want painted with all the details (fill out form below). Once I receive 50% deposit of the total price, I will begin your painting! I send you pictures of your piece throughout the process, and will complete your work within 4 weeks of receiving the deposit. I'll only ship out or deliver your piece when you are completely satisfied with the final product.


Price range dependent on paper or canvas.

12x12 in:    $150 to $180

16x20 in:    $320 to $350

20x20 in:    $400 to $430

18x24 in:    $430 to $460

24x24 in:    $575 to $600

24x30 in:    $720 to $750

24x36 in:    $870 to $900

Custom sizing also available.


Let's GET STARTED ON your bouquet painting!

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When do you need the painting by?
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