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Sagittarius I


Sagittarius I

Sagittarius 1.jpg
Sagittarius 1.jpg
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Sagittarius I


Sagittarius is optimistic, blunt, and adventurous, which is perfectly represented with a super bold and bright color palette. Their vibrant and confident personality is represented by lime green and hot pink. Orange represents their happy attitude and confidence. They are always looking for the “why” and love to seek spiritual experiences represented by purples. They are not ones for routine and can get bored when things remain the same. This color palette represents that desire for constant change, as it does not have one theme, one constant color, or anything really consistent about it.

Size: 8x6 in.

Acrylic paint on acid-free, heavyweight, mixed media paper. 1/2in white border. 

Shipping: Shipping is free with original artwork, and sent via USPS. Expect work to arrive within 5-7 business days.

Created: 2018

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