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Taurus I


Taurus I

Taurus 1.jpg
Taurus 1.jpg

Taurus I


Taurus is both a hardworking sign and at the same time, one that knows how to enjoy life and all of its luxuries. Purple represents the appreciation Taurus has for sensual pleasures, and everything luxurious. Taurus’s hard-working nature, like its symbol, the bull will charge steadily, headfirst into its goals - represented by gray, a stable and reliable color. Taurus’s element is earth, which is represented by earthy colors of tan, green, and burnt orange. They are also lovers of nature, as represented by green and other earthy colors.

Size: 8x6 in, .75in deep.

Acrylic paint on canvas

Shipping: Shipping is free with original artwork, and sent via USPS. Expect work to arrive within 5-7 business days.

Created: 2018

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