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Aquarius II


Aquarius II

Aquarius 2.jpg
Aquarius 2.jpg

Aquarius II


Aquarius is one of the most friendly signs of the Zodiac, extremely social and a fun person to be around. Turquoise represents their ability to flow in and out of different social groups, and their ability to adapt to different situations very easily. They are an air element, represented by white and soft gray. Those with an Aquarius sign are full of energy, they are the sign that can make an introvert come out of their shell easily - represented by red.  Red also represents their independence and progressive nature. They are extremely humanitarian and great listeners, and always want to help those in need, represented by dark turquoise green.

Size: 12x9 in.

Acrylic paint on acid-free, heavyweight, mixed media paper. 1/2in white border. 

Shipping: Shipping is free with original artwork, and sent via USPS. Expect work to arrive within 5-7 business days.

Created: 2018

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