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Cancer I


Cancer I

Cancer 1.jpg
Cancer 1.jpg

Cancer I


Those born under the Cancer Zodiac sign value feeling safe, cozy, and comfortable. And they love to make their loved ones feel taken care of. The overall color palette of this painting is one that’s meant to feel gentle, soft, warm and welcoming. Cancers are nurturing and love taking care of other people. This is represented by light turquoise which represents patience, loyalty, and calm - all qualities of the Cancer sign. Cancers are very sympathetic, Dark blue represents their moodiness because their symbol is the crab after all. It also represents their sensitive nature. Yellow is their humor and creativity.

Size: 12x9 in.

Acrylic paint on acid-free, heavyweight, mixed media paper. 1/2in white border. 

Shipping: Shipping is free with original artwork, and sent via USPS. Expect work to arrive within 5-7 business days.

Created: 2018

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